A Pictorial Guide to Late Cretaceous Fossils of the Atlantic Coastal Plain

By: Dr. Seamus Brown, Ralph Johnson, and John Morano
Edited By: John Morano

The purpose of this guide is to assist both amateur and professional paleontologists with the preliminary identification of fossil specimens collected from the Cretaceous deposits of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. A majority of the presented specimens have never previously been illustrated in a publication. 

The book features over 300 professionally photographed museum-quality specimens of primarily, but not exclusively, marine fauna with information regarding taxonomy, stratigraphy, taphonomy, collection, and preservation.

The book picks up where Horace Richards’ 1959 & 1963 classic volumes left off, bringing research on the Atlantic Coastal Plain into the 21st century.

This volume is a must-have for any collector/researcher interested in the Cretaceous legacy found from deposits in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Long Island, and other locales. Publication of this book is pending.