Critical Acclaim


A universe that is inclusive, diverse, and speaks to all readers... John’s characters entertain, inspire.
— Junto Magazine
Illustrations on this page are by Sarah Anderson, and appear throughout the Eco-Adventure Series books.

Illustrations on this page are by Sarah Anderson, and appear throughout the Eco-Adventure Series books.

John Morano’s books are important. The Eco-Adventure Series elevate[s] our the possibility that a lifeform very different from our own is worth knowing, understanding, and saving.
— Andrew Sharpless, CEO of Oceana
John’s stories are entertaining while conveying the serious plights faced by some of our most imperiled life forms. The Eco-Adventure Series is giving a voice to creatures that can’t speak for themselves.
— Tony MacDonald, Director of the Urban Coast Institute at Monmouth University
...[Morano has] creatively touched upon major subjects of contemporary interest, and I trust that [his] work will remain in print and discover a very large and appreciative audience.
— Gay Talese, bestselling author
Magical tales.
— Azula Magazine
Morano has the talent to connect with readers through prose that both informs and delights…He has great range as a writer…His books are delights: well researched and beautifully written, they contain powerful and important messages. He spins great tales that have meaning…written in creative, stylistic verve.
— Douglas Anderson, Dean, Penn State College of Communication
John has extended – if not introduced – environmentally-related topics such as scientific discovery, the perception of nature and technology, into broader sociological conversations on popular culture, American culture and literature…John’s writing engages new audiences and serves to make complex issues accessible for individual and community reflection and action.
— Joy Ackerman, Chair, Environmental Studies Department, Antioch University
…a warm story…a great deal of imagination…a good job of pulling the reader into the story…I can see novels some day as possible Disney movies.
— Will Norton, Jr., Dean, University of Nebraska College of Journalism and Mass Communications
So well researched, so tightly written, at times it’s difficult to tell where fact ends and fantasy begins.
— Roger Caras, Best-Selling Author and former President of ASPCA
His creative activity is very interesting…As a writer, he has been, and continues to be, a sense-maker…This should be applauded.
— William G. Christ, Chair, Department of Communication, Trinity University
‘Don’t Tell Me the Ending!’ has a great deal of helpful advice for the beginner; informative and entertaining.
— Will Norton, Jr., Dean, University of Nebraska College of Journalism and Mass Communications
Morano redefines a classic genre. His eco-adventures speak to the young readers of today and allow them to look at the world around them and actually care about it. There are no ‘scare tactics’ needed. Good writing is naturally engaging.
— Jennifer Anna, Author, Literary Critic
Morano’s Eco-Adventure Series is triumphant on all fronts. He presents animals working alone, or in conjunction with humans, to reach uplifting, sometimes bittersweet conclusions. He pulls out, from our own everyday existence, the beautiful and dangerous world of birds, fish, and more without drenching those worlds in the violence that nature holds inherit; Morano never dips into the saccharine, however, and it is this balancing act that spotlights his talent as a writer and the sincere, adult heart behind all that he writes.
— The Brilliant Review
Morano has a clear, light style and can say a lot directly. He also has a fine sense of humor and makes you laugh out loud.
— B. A. Sweeny, The Herald (N.J.)
Morano challenges the reader to think, feel, and enjoy. I hope that no one passes up the opportunity to experience the message.
— Jason Chavez, Albuquerque Journal
It’s scary how exact he is in depicting the animals. The books show how much understanding he has for animals.
— Dave Lackland, Head Aquarist, Key West Aquarium
[‘A Wing and a Prayer’] is simply wonderful...a beautiful story that should be required reading for all humans living on our fragile planet.
— Richard Wainwright, Top-selling children's author
‘Makoona’ shows how lives so completely different can be torn apart, yet are so intertwined within nature without even thinking about it.
— Terry Lipshetz, The Home News Tribune