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Crisply written with acumen and clarity, Morano calls on over twenty-five years' experience as a critic, editor and journalism professor to give readers an insider’s look at how to produce reviews for popular newspapers and magazines in print and online. 

Don't Tell Me the Ending! 
An Introductory Text for Aspiring Film Critics
Cretaceous Fossils of the Atlantic Coastal Plain: 
An Identification Guide/Field Manual
Richly supported with observations from critics Roger Ebert, Pauline Kael, A. O. Scott, Janet Maslin, Stanley Kaufmann, John Simon and a host of others, author John Morano has produced an insightful text that will excite not only fledgling critics, but journalism students and film buffs in general.

Co-authored with Dr. Jim Brown and Ralph Johnson, this book presents over 300 museum quality, professionally photographed fossils found mostly from south/central New Jersey, as well as Delaware, Maryland, New York and the surrounding area. 
Many of the specimens in this guide have never appeared in books before. Predominately a marine shallow ocean/shore environment, examples of reptile and dinosaur remains are also included. 
"Don't Tell Me the Ending! has a great deal of helpful advice for the beginner; 
informative and entertaining." 
-Will Norton Jr.
Dean, University of Nebraska 
College of Journalism and Mass Communication
For anyone who’s ever seen a movie and tried to express an opinion, 
Don’t Tell Me the Ending! is a must read. 

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"Morano has the talent to connect with readers through prose that both informs and delights... He has great range as a writer...His books are delights: well researched and beautifully written, they contain powerful and important messages." 
-Douglas Anderson 
Dean, Penn State College of Communication

By: Dr. Seamus Brown, 
Ralph Johnson and 
John Morano
Edited By: John Morano